1. Loop Analysis Method /> 2. Superposition Theorem 3. Thevenin Theorem

1. Loop Analysis Method


2. Superposition Theorem

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3. Thevenin Theorem

Weekly iLabiLab: Verification of Network Theorems by simulationLab Exercise: This will be simulaton lab using MultSim ±o unders±and ±he diferen± ne±work ±heorems.Scenario/Summary:At least two of thefollowing simulations must be attempted by the student.Verify Loop Analysis Method by MultiSim simulationVerify Superpposition Theorem Method by MultiSim simulationVerify Thevinin’s Theorem Method by MultiSim simulationThe circuits must be containing resistors and one or two reactive components. Actual circuitdescriptions are left to the discretion of the instructor.This week’s lab is only simulation using MultiSim to understand the diferent network theorems. Youshould selectat least two theoremsFrom the ones listed below to veriFy using MultiSim. The circuitsI would like you to work on are selected From the textbook (e-book) and indicated below For eachtheorem. Make sure you use the Multisim tools that I have showed during my online o±ce hour.1. Loop Analysis Method ( ²g 17.61 on page 775 )2. Superposition Theorem ( ²g 18.105 on page 822 )3. Thevenin Theorem (²g 18.117 on page 825)dda81090eca77646deF34F7678a330936d07798c.docxPage 1
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