1500 Words Paper on Agriculture No plagiarism- HARVARD STYLE


I have a 1,500 word paper to produce Evaluating the Sustainability of the Supply of Phosphorus for Agriculture. This needs to be fully cited using 3-5 peer-reviewed academic journals and referenced in Harvard style

TOPIC: Critically evaluate the sustainability of the supply of phosphorus to agriculture.

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You should examine the data available on all actual/potential sources , the latest predictions on consumption and state your conclusions.

Full HAVARD referencing is essential .


Pls upload PDFs of articles used in the essay.

Learning outcomes tested:

1. Understand the fundamentals of pedology and hydrology as applied to sustainable resource management.
2. Evaluate the implications of managing the soil resource within a farmed environment.

What are your thoughts? I’ve done a little reading around the subject and I expect that he wants a broad based overview of why agricultural soils need P, the mined sources of P, what is the life-span of these currently, how else can we recycle P in the nutrient cycle… etc.