3 paragraph discussions question

We learn in this module’s presentations that the criterion for effective academic engagement is, based upon research, achieved when: A minimum of 90 to 93 percent of a classroom’s students are engaged in an academic task-at-hand for 53 to 55 minutes of every 60-minute ‘teaching hour.’ And yet, research tells us that the typical classroom in the United States gets only 28 minutes of effective academic engagement in a 60-minute teaching hour. (Despite this reality, policymakers and educators alike work creatively to extend the school day and/or the school year.)

  • Briefly tell us a little about your teaching environment (any special school mission, demographics, etc., as you desire; Note your school need not be clearly identifiable). Based upon this week’s video presentations, readings, your research, personal school experiences and/or those of your teacher colleagues, to what factors/issues do you feel you may lose up to 27 minutes (49%) of each of your teaching hours?
  • As teacher, how might you and your teacher colleagues increase effective academic engagement for your students? That is, how might you re-capture some of the minutes you currently lose?
  • If you are not a classroom-based educator, or, if you prefer to take a broader perspective, imagine yourself suddenly the principal of your current school charged with the task of increasing schoolwide effective academic engagement. What are the top 3-5 changes you would make across your current school and why?


1.) Some of your thoughts in reference to your assigned readings, with

2.) Your personal observations and experiences, and pulling in

3.) Perspective from at least one outside source.

Must be, at minimum, 3 paragraphs of 6-8 well-developed sentences

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