3 questions response with a 500 word


You work for a local district health department and have been involved in the LEPC for several years. Your health district director has asked you to provide a briefing to the Board of Health on the concept of ICS so that they can understand what is happening when the district responds to a public health emergency such as the H1N1 flu epidemic or a major food borne out break.

Step 1. Your write up is to include at least

a. A brief history of ICS

b. The flexible nature of the ICS concept

b. The responsibility of each element of the ICS structure.

Criteria for your response:

1. Your write up is to be in your own words and not copy and pasted.

2. It is to contain at least 500 words.

3. You need to provide at least two links for resources for the Board of Health Members if they wish to find out more about the concept.

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