4 discussion replays 1

Test Taking and Test Anxiety

Your discussion for Modules Ten and Eleven is different than previous modules. Rather than two questions that everyone answers, there will be just one question, and everyone’s question will be different. Follow this link to see which topic related to test anxiety you will be leading. If two of you share the same topic, you will still be working on your own to lead two parallel discussions on the same topic, but most likely with slightly different angles.

To prepare your primary response, share the information from the assigned page along with additional relevant information that you find through other research. Please avoid plagiarism and cite your sources and use quotation marks for directly copied text or images. Since you are conveying new information and doing just one discussion item, your required word count is three hundred words. Please post this primary posting by the Thursday deadline.

Then, respond to four of your classmates with your secondary postings. As usual, your responses must be substantive, not just agreeing and repeating what has been stated. You will also be responsible for responding to persons who post under your topic, when a response or follow up is required. Therefore, it is likely that you will have more than five posts for this module—your primary post, your four secondary posts, and then the responses within your post to your classmates

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