4 screen shot is required for each question

1. Write a shell script called hello that takes one argument at the command line: hello < the person’s name > Within the script, count backwards from 10, displaying each number; and then end with “Hello, < the person’s name >, I am a HAL 9000”. Your application should be able to handle up to three values, e.g, “Donald”, “Donald Trump”, or “Mr. Donald Trump” can all be valid input. Next, populate an array called “presidents” and fill it with the following values: Lyndon B. Johnson Richard Nixon Gerald Ford Jimmy Carter Ronald Reagan George H.W. Bush Bill Clinton George W. Bush Barack Obama Donald J. Trump Then traverse the array, printing out each value thusly: Lyndon B. Johnson 36th president Richard Nixon 37th president Gerald Ford 38th president and so on.

2. Using the requirements from the 1st project, “Gettysburg”, create a sed script to accomplish the same task. Your artifacts should be placed in a directory called “project5” under your home directory and must include both the modified copy of Gettysburg and your bash script containing the sed commands you used.

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