5 pages essay with two articles


Naomi Klein contrasts “fences of enclosure” that governments and corporations put up to keep people from resources they need with “windows of possibility” that allow people to envision better lives and to take action to produce change, while Zeynep Tufekci questions the power that a few corporations, as well as some governments, have over the gathering of information and the expression of ideas in today’s world. In Paper 4, using quotations, specific examples, and details from both texts, write an essay that responds to the following question:What role does technology have in empowering social activism and/or democratic institutions?

please must write the essay in following structures: (very important )

1.intro paragraph, including:

*.a basis intro to the topic you are going to talk about

*.a short summary of each articles, two to three sentences of each

* a clear thesis including 3 main points that answer the essay question directly ( What is the basis for satisfying work? Is it possible for people to have job satisfaction without the support of larger economic and social systems?)

2. three body paragraph, the structure is :

*topic sentences:(which corresponding the one of main point of thesis)

*introduce the topic sentences meaning

*find two quotes from each articles (EACH!!!!!!!!!

these two quotes need to support your topic sentence (which means you need two quotes from both articles in every body paragraph)

* the analysis after quotes, how the quotes connect with your main ideas, do not summary the authors ideas. Use orginal thoughts

* the connection between two quotes

* a transition to your next main topic


* a summary of three main ideas that you are taking about in the essay

* a expectation for the future

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