A Descriptive Essay (Example)

A Descriptive Essay (Example)

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: The Invisible Cages At the famous State of Louisiana lies a historic metropolitan city that expresses much diversity than any other city in the US for the longest years. From the early years this city has been known as a home for many cultures as it was the major trading pout for slaves until it’s abolishment after the civil struggles of our forefathers. A few miles east of the French Quarters lies the nostalgic Mississippi river forcing its way down in a sluggish manner. The water is warm may be due to the warm season and it’s twinkling over the warm earth before reaching this place. This place seems deserted and you will majorly find boys coming down from the ranches to enjoy the cool water by swimming in the deep waters as they fish and enjoy their youth. On the evening after such a to themselves all day as they lured the sun to sleep hoping for the day to end peacefully. They would always be happy seeing the flame of the sunset lifted from the mountain tops and dusk coming into the valley it meant the end of the day welcoming darkness. They proceed to their residential quarters with the hope that someday the cat and the rat will eat at the same table the bird will be released from its cage and every being will live happily. As for Sammy who loves walking at the wee hours his hope is that the freedom will come with a new face where people will view him differently. Where they do not have to run when they see him where they do not call the police but they comfortably walk releasing him from his caged state. A cage that is not visible but existing. []

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Construct a 1000 word essay focused on creating a DOMINANT IMPRESSION of a person, place, object or animal through the use of IMAGERY appealing to appealing to various senses (sight, sound,touch, taste, smell, organic, kinesthetic), LITERARY AND SOUND DEVICES (e.g. metaphor, simile, personification, alliteration, assonance, consonance, onomatopoeia, etc.) and effective SYNTAX. Things to remember: Create a meaningful title for your essay. Determine the dominant impression and associated emotions you want to create for/in your reader. Show rather than tell. Create a sensory experience for your reader. Choose and order details with purpose. Be detailed but not cumbersome. Be creative but also clear. Maintain chosen literary point of view. Maintain verb sense. Read and edit essay grammar and mechanics. Read aloud and edit for effective communication.

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