A male customer says the following: “Yeah, so I was in your store yesterday

A male customer says the following: “Yeah, so I was in your store yesterday, and I noticed that you don’t

carry the espresso chocolate wafers anymore. I mean, how can you guys discontinue that, it’s like my wife’s favorite? I mean she sent me to the mall, right, to get some, and I thought that I would be able to just walk in and pick some up. I wouldn’t be coming here otherwise. Okay, so yeah, if someone gave me your peanut brittle as a gift, I wouldn’t give it back to them, you know what I’m saying? Anyway, so I walk into the store and the stuff’s not there anymore. I mean, you can’t even get it off the website, and there’s not even any left on those overstock websites, either. What I am supposed to tell her, that her favorite snack of all time just doesn’t exist anymore? I can’t get it for you now, honey; it’s just a memory, right? I mean, help me out here, what I am supposed to do? What were you guys thinking?” Indicate at what point you would have given him verbal or nonverbal feedback, and what form it would take. Then, paraphrase his response, looking for the essence of the complaint. Imagine that you are talking directly to the customer as you type your response