a powerpoint presentation

This will be a powerpoint presentation about the Book watchmen specifically the topic of the presentation is IDENTIFY THE ETHICAL DILEMMAS

– Identify the Ethical Dilemmas faced by the Comedian, Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan, Nite Owl 2 & Laurie (treat them together), and Ozymandias. (Each character must make such decisions in at least two major situations.) What does each character decide for each situation? How does the decision affect others in the story? What is the overall ethical dilemma and what are the characters’ roles in dealing with the dilemma?

A slideshow presentations to provide historical or cultural context for, apply theories to, or explain techniques as applied to
Watchmen. Often students struggled with the “live” nature of these presentations.

– Choose one of the topics posted on the Discussion Board (and in the description of the assignment in the Learning Module) for your presentation. The more narrow your topic, the more likely your presentation will be interesting. Be sure your claim reflects this.

– Create a slideshow presentation with a program like Prezi or Powerpoint. You should have at least 15 slides. These slides should a mix of images and text (your required quotes, properly cited).

-Be sure your final slide is a Works Cited in MLA 8.

You will need a minimum of 3 quotes from Watchmen. You will also need at least 6 quotes, a minimum of 2 quotes from each of your 3 scholarly sources—No Google sources allowed for this assignment — you must use the LRC for books and articles.All quotes should appear on presentation slides and must be properly cited according to MLA. Please use proper capitalization, spelling, and punctuation. Please do not use pictures from the movie or other Watchmen graphic stories.

What I will look for when I grade:

Your first slides (2 slides):

Title slide with title of your presentation and names of group members

Thesis Statement/Claim that specifically states what your presentation will prove

about your topic

Content slides 3-19:

required quotes from Watchmen (minimum 3) required quotes from 3 scholarly

articles found through the LRC databases, 2 quotes from each article

Last slide is the WORKS Cited Page

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