A quiz for my english class


Which is the best definition of the word disingenuous in the following passage based on its roots, prefixes, and suffixes?Just as torture is justified only to save lives (not extort confessions or recantations), it is justifiably administered only to those known to hold innocent lives in their hands. Ah, but how can the authorities ever be sure they have the right malefactor? Isn’t there a danger of error and abuse? Won’t We turn into Them?Questions like these are disingenuous in a world in which terrorists proclaim themselves and perform for television. The name of their game is public recognition. After all, you can’t very well intimidate a government into releasing your freedom fighters unless you announce that it is your group that has seized its embassy. “Clear guilt” is difficult to define, but when forty million people see a group of masked gunmen seize an airplane on the evening news, there is not much question about who the perpetrators are. There will be hard cases where the situation is murkier. Nonetheless, a line demarcating the legitimate use of torture can be drawn. Torture only the obviously guilty, and only for the sake of saving innocents, and the line between Us and Them will remain clear.Work Cited:Levin, Michael. “The Case for Torture.” Newsweek. 7 June 1982. not possessing qualities of intelligencepossessing qualities of sinceritypossessing qualities of innocencenot possessing qualities of frankness9. Several words or suffixes are used for comparisons. Which of the following words in the passage below does not use a suffix to show a comparison?This has happened because insects, in a triumphant vindication of Darwin’s principle of the survival of the fittest, have evolved super races immune to the particular insecticide used, hence a deadlier one has always to be developed — and then a deadlier one than that.Work Cited:Carson, Rachel. “The Obligation to Endure.” Silent Spring. New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1962. Print. thanvindicationfittestdeadlier10. By using your knowledge of context clues, what do you think the word vernacular means in the following passage?Among them are many that are used in man’s war against nature. Since the mid-1940’s over 200 basic chemicals have been created for use in killing insects, weeds, rodents, and other organisms described in the modern vernacular as “pests”; and they are sold under several thousand different brand names.Work Cited:Carson, Rachel. “The Obligation to Endure.” Silent Spring. New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1962. Print. chemicalsphylumeveryday languageadvertisements

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