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Diversity of Today’s Learners, Edu100 Week 1 Academic Journal help

The USA has a rich and varied history of many different racial and cultural groups attending educational institutions that have enriched our society.  Review Chapter 2 of the Hall text, and using at least two additional peer-reviewed resources from the Ashford Library, write a 2-3 page reflection, (not including separate title and reference pages) on the diversity of today’s learners.  Please be sure to address each of the three parts of this assignment.



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Part A: Include a one-page summary on the diverse populations in the USA, focusing on at least three different groups (homeless, ELL, ethnicity, gender, disabilities, low income, etc) that you know you will encounter in your community or meet in your future career/role.  Then, choose one group that you have not met but may come into contact in your future career.  How might this population affect your interactions with those first three groups in your future career?

Part B: Why is it important to acknowledge the diversity of learners in your profession?  How will these factors affect your professional career?

Part C: How does the information from Parts A & B shape your professional philosophy?  Explain why.  (You will have a chance to revise your professional philosophy and use it in the rough draft in Week 3 and in the final project).

The academic journal should be two-three pages, in addition to a separate title page and a separate reference page.  Format your writing as follows: MS Word, double-spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins and APA format. Your reference page should consist of at least two outside scholarly sources and the textbook.


To check and improve your college level writing please use the Ashford Writing Center resources at:

To improve your APA skills in style, formatting, citing, and referencing please visit the APA Lecture in the Learning Resources tab in the left side of the course shell.


My major is in Child Development and future career will be an elementary school teacher, if that helps.


Reference for text book: Hall, G.E., Quinn, L.F., & Gollnick, D.M. (2014).  Introduction to teaching: Making a difference in student learning.  Los Angeles: Sage Publishing.