Access To Food That Support Healthy Eating Patterns In Los Angeles

(Title of Policy Brief)



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(Student Name)

Western Governors University

D025: Essentials of Advanced Nursing Roles and Interprofessional Practice

(Course Instructor Name)





(Title of Policy Brief Will Go Here)


Executive Summary

(This makes up part C of the Requirements, but it should appear first in the policy brief.)

Summary of the Context and Scope of the SDOH in My Community




Summary of How the Proposed Policy will Address the SDOH in My Community




Proposal of Persuasive Course of Action for Policy Makers


Context and Scope

Social Determinant of Health (SDOH) in My Community



Data to Support the SDOH



Three Characteristics of Target Population Affected by SDOH



Identification of Appropriate Policy Maker(s) or Legislator(s)



Why the SDOH Requires the Policy Maker’s Attention



Current Policy or the Effect of Not Having a Current Policy



Ethical Implications of Current Policy or Absence of Existing Policy


Demographics Table

(Place Title of SDOH here) Statistics/facts Summary of statistics/facts Source for statistics/facts
Demographic Information

(Provide 2 or more statistics/facts associated with demographics for SDOH in column to the right)








Risk Factors

(Provide 2 or more statistics/facts regarding risk factors associated with SDOH in column to the right).








Trends in SDOH Over Recent Year(s)

(Provide 2 or more statistics/facts associated with trends in SDOH over recent year(s) in column to the right.)








Policy Proposal and Implementation Plan

Two Policy Alternatives to Address the SDOH



Preferred Policy



How the Desired Results of the New Policy will Optimize Health in Community



Financial Costs and Benefits of Proposed Policy Alternative



Two Ethical Implications of Proposed Policy Alternative



Barriers to Implementation of Proposed Policy Alternative



Communication Methods used to Introduce the Proposed Policy



Potential Results of Inaction



Change Agent Description



Knowledge and Skills to Develop