addressing audience needs

As a provider of training and development solutions, you have responded to an advertisement listing a trainer requirement of GenFac Insurance Corp. You will have to persuade George Tatorian, director of training and development for GenFac, to hire you and your services. You want to provide workshops on effective communication for new sales associates for individual health insurance at GenFac.

By Sunday, August 11, 2013, conduct individual research online and visit the Web sites of some insurance firms to learn more about the individual health insurance market. Identify the target customer of the sales associates for individual health insurance. Use the following keywords.

Keywords: individual health insurance + frequently asked questions, individual health insurance, personal insurance, insurance sales representative

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Create a 450-word e-mail response to George Tatorian providing a high-level overview of the strategies you are going to use to ensure that your message will meet the needs of your audience.

In the e-mail, include:

  • A short profile of your target audience in the workshop
  • A brief list of the immediate learning needs of your target audience in the workshop
  • Strategies for adapting your message to your target audience
  • Strategies for establishing your credibility
  • Strategies for addressing anticipated audience feedback

Focus on the communication strategies in the e-mail. Enrich your response with the industry practices you gleaned from your online research.