Admin Policy and Strategy (Capstone) -5pages

Read “Guide to Case Analysis”

Please answer the following questions. Please submit answers that are: typed, double spaced, with 1” margins and 12pt. Times New Roman font. Please submit your answers in either the .DOC or .DOCX format.

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(1) Summarize the “Preparing a case for class discussion” section of the guide. What should you expect from our in-class case discussions? (Suggested length 1 to 2 pages)

NOTE: We will be discussing cases in this course on a discussion board, and this section will be used to help guide our online case discussions.

(2) Please write a summary of Table 1 – Key Financial Ratios: How to calculate them and what they mean. Please include the formula for each of the ratios as well as a description of what it shows in the following areas: Profit, Liquidity, Leverage, Activity and Other Important Measures. (Suggested length 2-3 pages)

(3) Summarize the “Preparing a Written Case Analysis” section of the guide. Please refer to pages CA7 thru CA9 of the guide. (Suggested length 1 page)