Advanced Industrial Hygiene Question


Damiano, J. (1995). Quantitative exposure assessment strategies and data in the Aluminum Company of America. Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 10(4) 289-298. doi 10.1080/1047322X.1995.10389038


Using APA format, critique this article according to the outline specified below. Your response is expected to be two to three pages, double spaced (excluding the title page) in APA format, and should include at least the following components:

 Introduction

 Discussion of Article (scope/content)

 Evaluation of Research Methods

 Conclusion

Your critique should include answers to the following three questions:

1. The author of the article discusses two types of exposure assessments: qualitative and quantitative. Why is it

important to include a qualitative assessment as part of a workplace exposure assessment program?

2. Why is data management an important part of a workplace exposure assessment program?

3. Was the author’s conclusion well supported within his paper?

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