African-American poetry help for a Literature writing assignment

Need African-American poetry help for a Literature writing assignment

Read the following three poems. Then, read them again. Read each of them aloud (which might help you to feel out the sounds in the poem).


Poem #1 – “Ode to Browsing the Web” by African-American poet Marcus Wicker (NOTE: Don’t let the language in this poem dissuade you from taking the time to think about how it’s crafted. Wicker is a rising star in the poetry world for good reasons.)

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Poem #2 – “Traveling Through the Dark” by William Stafford


Poem #3 – “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver



Next, describe (in one paragraph/per poem) the pictures these poems create in your mind.  Make specific reference to each poem’s use of imagery. Try to be as specific as you can. Pull out passges, words or details that particularly impact you. Or, if something confuses or boggles you, feel free to share that too.


What we want to do here is simply begin to engage with a poem and try to understand what it’s made of; we’ll start with the images in a poem and what those images lead to in terms of meaning.


For each poem, try to write one paragraph about what you ‘see’.