Airbnb Etsy and Uber Strategies Case Study

The case analyses should be approached as though you are a global marketing manager assigned the task of assessing the situation and presenting three long-term strategies to resolve the concerns addresses in the case. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A SUMMARY OF THE CASE.

Based on your understanding and external research on the current situation (see document attached), DESCRIBE AND DEFEND 3 strategies that would revitalize and/or improve their GLOBAL strategic objectives. Please do not limit yourself to the specifics of the case when formulating your strategies. Think ‘BIG PICTURE’ (ethical and cultural concerns, internal/external factors, complementary products/industries, sustainability issues, process improvements, etc.).

Your strategic recommendations should explain IN DETAIL the logic and process behind implementing such initiatives. Please do not provide vague recommendations. APA FORMAT; 6 FULL PAGES (AROUND 1,500 WORDS); DOUBLE SPACED.