Alison Bechdels Fun Home

Alison Bechdels Fun Home

Directions:  Please use specific examples and quotes*** to support your observations and provide MLA in-text citations (author and page number). Each question response should be at least 100 words.


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  1. Fun Home is filled with literary allusions, but perhaps the most re-occurring reference is the connection Bechdel draws between the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus and the relationship she has with her father Bruce. Click here to read a brief summary of the myth: similarities do you see between this myth and the way Bechdel depicts her father and their relationship? Why do you think Bechdel chooses to include so many references to other stories and books in this memoir?
  2. Bechdel relied heavily on first hand sources such as letters, journals, and photographs to document her upbringing. One example of this is in the series of photographs on page 120. How do these media contribute to the authenticity of her book? Why is it so important to Bechdel that her depictions appear truthful?
  3. To what extent do gender expectations and roles play in Bechdel’s family?  How does it become a source of conflict?

  1. In many ways Fun Home can be read as a coming of age story.  Consider other works we’ve read in this class that are also coming of age stories.  What similarities does Bechdel share with the protagonists of those stories?  How is her challenge to find her place in the world similar or different from other protagonists we’ve encountered?

  1. How does Bechdel’s use of the visual comic medium help better convey her story/message than just using text? Please point to specific examples that illustrate why the image is more powerful than text.