Alphaproteobateria Endosymbionts Biology

Alphaproteobateria Endosymbionts Biology

The powerpoint will be on Alphaproteobacteria: endosymbionts

The complexity of microbial work is astonishing!

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Microbes can live almost everywhere and do almost everything. In this module, you will explore the microbial world together with your peers.

Here you should prepare a 2-3 Powerpoint slide summary for a microbial phylum assigned (5 pt), plus one slide with two questions related to your phylum/group (2 pt). After you submit your work on canvas, your peers will review it.

Then, you should review and comment on your peer’s presentations and questions as well (3pt).

When preparing your slides, you should consider the following information:

  1. Microbial group taxonomic name/affiliation
  2. Unique structures or morphological features
  3. Metabolic capabilities and diversity within the group
  4. Interactions with / impacts on environment/host
  5. Possible applications or methods of diagnosis and cure (if pathogenic)
  6. Some unique information you found online.

Also, prepare two questions related to the information provided.