Amazon Inc Reflection Journal Paper

Amazon Inc Reflection Journal Paper

For these questions, we suggest you reflect on a change going on in your company or a company you are familiar with right now, or a required change.

Appraise the readiness for change. Is there a visible need? Does the change have top management support and commitment? Is there a ready and engaged change agent (maybe this is you!)? Is there a good understanding of the target group for the change? (This is a cross cultural management class)

  • In initiating the change and influencing people to adopt the new behavior, how well-defined are the implementation mechanisms? Which could be improved? How?
    • Select people with particular skills and attitudes
    • Train for new skills and knowledge
    • Communicate to establish the need for change
    • Build a roadmap with a clear process
    • Develop commitment from stakeholders
    • Ensure continuous participation from target group
    • What is being done to reinforce the change?
    • How are small wins acknowledged, celebrated, and communicated?
    • How are realignment needs monitored and responded to?
    • How is the company supporting the need for continuous change and organizational renewal?

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