Amazon Strategic Communication Plan Research

Amazon Strategic Communication Plan Research

The major research and critical writing assignment for this course is the strategic communication plan.  This plan will require much research that may be derived from the company itself (company publications, executive speeches, and personal interviews), industry and trade publication, press coverage searches, database searches and even Google searches.  The point of the assignment is that to plan public relations strategies and tactics, you must have managerial level knowledge of an organization and its issues, stakeholders and communication objectives.

You must decide early on which organization you wish to research and what situation (code for corporate image or relationship problem) you wish to address through communication efforts.

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The outline below presents the major section headings that should appear in your paper. The questions I have posed will hopefully allow you to focus your research efforts.

The outline below presents the major section headings that should appear in your paper. The questions I have posed will hopefully allow you to focus your research efforts.


Background to the situation

What is the history of the situation?

Is this situation unique or reoccurring for the organization?

What causes have led to the situation?

What are the facts associated with the situation?

Consequences to the situation

How important is the situation to the organization’s mission and vision?

How does the situation impact the organization’s bottom line?

What predictions of trends are associated with the situation and the organization and the industry in which it is situated?

Is the situation and opportunity or an obstacle that must be overcome? If an obstacle how might it be turned into opportunity?

Situation resolution

Might information (quality, quantity) affect how the situation is resolved?

How might the situation be resolved to the mutual benefit of all parties involved?

What priority do you feel management gives this situation?


Internal environment

  1. What is the nature of the product or services provided by the organization?
  2. Over the last three years has the product or service improved or diminished?
  3. How does the product or service compare with competitors?
  4. How satisfied are organizational leaders with organizational performance?
  5. What is the strategic business plan for the organization?
  6. What communication resources are available for public relations activities (budgets, employees, time, equipment)?
  7. How supportive is management toward PR activities? How is PR conceptualized (pure marketing, advertising, media relations…etc)?

External environment

  1. Is the environment in which you are operating currently growing, stable, declining or unpredictable?
  2. What groups exist with a mission to resist or hinder your organization?
  3. What is their reputation?
  4. What are their resources?
  5. How effective have these groups been in the past?
  6. How have these groups changed over the last three years?  Have they grown? Have they partnered with other resisting groups?  Have their tactics changed?
  7. What impediments have economic origins, political origins or social origins?