ancient rome 3

Ancient Rome

**** APA FORMAT, 4 PAGES 750-1000 WORDS.

  1. It has been said that Roman culture was not very original, only a copy of Greek culture. Prove or disprove this idea.
  1. How much credit, if any, does Octavian/Augustus deserve for what is called the Pax Romana, the “Roman peace”?
  1. It has been said of the Romans that two of their major contributions to Western civilization were in the areas of law and engineering. What exactly did the Romans achieve in each area? Give examples.
  1. Assume that you are a Roman citizen living in Rome in the 2nd CE. Discuss both the potential good and bad points of your daily existence.
  1. The historian Edward Gibbon claimed that the Roman Empire in the 2nd CE was a true Golden Age. What evidence could give credence to Gibbon’s argument and what evidence could be given to refute it?
  1. Compare and contrast the 2nd and the 3rd c. CE in the Roman Empire.

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