answer the following questions each should be answered seperatly

1. First, select a personal problem you are currently grappling with, like juggling work and school, finding adequate childcare, securing school financing, trying to gain or lose weight, etc. Make sure the “personal trouble” you select is not too personal and you feel comfortable sharing it.

Second, explain how you are coping with the problem as a “personal trouble,” and then consider how the problem is a “public issue.” Explain how sociologists analyze it as an issue shaped by social structure.

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Finally, provide feedback to two of your classmates’ posts. Did they properly differentiate personal troubles from public issues? If so, what did they do particularly good on? If not, offer feedback on how to apply the sociological imagination and distinguish how a personal trouble from a public issue? Offer feedback on why the personal trouble can be a public issue shaped by social structure.

2.This assignment provides you the opportunity to apply your understanding of your own social position in society and how that may shape social interactions at the micro-level.

1. List at least 3 of your ascribed and 3 achieved statuses.

2. Based on your listed statuses, answer the following questions:

  • Have you experienced status inconsistency? If so, how? If not, explain why not.
  • What master status do you identify with the most and why? Do you think others impose a master status on you similar or different than your own master status? If so, what is it and why do you think they do so?
  • What role conflicts or role strains do you experience?

Write in paragraph and complete sentence form. Two-full paragraphs required (4-5 sentences per paragraph), or one-page double-spaced.

3. You must only post one example of conversion, brainwashing, Stockholm Syndrome, or of not being exposed to socialization. In addition, include a short description of why your case fits the description of someone/people who has/have experienced conversion, brainwashing, Stockholm Syndrome, and/or lack of socialization.

Include the url to the news story or source where you learned about the story. Make sure the url is a hyperlink, that way, I can simply click on it and it will take me directly to the story and I don’t need to copy the link and paste it to a new page.

4. First, what did you learn from the material presented in this module. Make sure you provide at least one clear example. You can draw from the textbook, film or any of the additional readings. Why did this example catch you attention?

Second, what have been your experiences within the educational system? Make a connection with the course material (readings, lecture, and/or film).

Finally, reply to two of your classmates and provide feedback on their thoughts on the film and their experiences with the educational system. How may their educational experiences reflect what we have learned regarding the historical legacy of education in the U.S.?