Answer To Peer, Similarities Less 5%, References 2, APA 6

Describe how your future practice as an advanced practice nurse can promote access to health care in your area. Be specific about the interventions that you will do?

Nursing is one of the most engaging and vital duties in the healthcare department. There is a need to come up with advanced and better ways of providing this service. As a practice nurse, I have developed better ways to improve my service provision.

How to promote access to health care in my area. 

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First of all, as a practice nurse, I will improve on the healthcare delivery services for the poor and elderly in the community by employing the home-based service delivery for those that don’t have the means to get to the healthcare facility and to those that can’t afford admission into the wards, buy doing so I will have put to advantage that fraction of the population, (Butcher, et al, 2018).

Secondly, nurses being among healthcare workers with the shortest stay in hospitals, I will try my best to increase my working hours to provide extra services. This will ensure I complete my duties as well as improving my reliability at work.

More so, I will incorporate modern technology in my service delivery, such as increasing communication with the patients and workmates in passing information, instructions, and doing more research to better my performance (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2019).

Lastly, I will emphasize on the need for consultation services to my patients and the community at large in areas such as nutrition, parenting, and family planning at a low or no cost for those that can’t afford.


Practice nursing requires a lot of commitment, inventions, and innovations to improve service delivery; I believe, I will bring about better performance by incorporating the above-discussed practices


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