article and website review

1. Pretend you are a travel counselor. You have tourists from France who want to spend 3 weeks in the U.S. (do not include Alaska and Hawaii). Think about where you would send them and how many days they would visit each destination. Do not include what you want them to see and do but think about this so you can decide how much time they need in the different cities.

Number your paper 1-21 vertically. Write the names of the cities and the state after each number (day). If they are staying in a city two days, list it by two numbers – if three days, by three numbers, etc. Please submit this and all assignments in blackboard and you can see your grade after I grade it. If you would like to do assignments in a word processing program, you may cut and paste them in blackboard.

Don’t worry about the cost of flights.

Save your assignment in RTF format.

Due Date: By the end of week two


1 Miami

2 Miami

3 Miami

4 New Orleans

5 New Orleans

6 etc. through 21 (day 21 they fly back to France)


  • Select a current (published during this semester) newspaper or magazine article concerning travel. This article may be on travel agencies, Amtrak, a cruise line, etc. At least one article should be from a travel trade publication (i.e. Travel Weekly, Travel Trade, etc.- may be from the Internet as long as it from a travel publication). Articles should not be on a destination unless there is some unique twist to the article. Articles may be found in any magazine or any section of any newspaper except the travel section (which you should read anyway). You must cite your source(s).
  • Type a maximum of one page, two (2) paragraphs. The first paragraph should be a brief summary of the article. The second paragraph should be how the article relates to travel and your feelings concerning the topic. Your paper should have the following at the top of the page:
  1. Title of the Article
  2. Date of the article
  3. Source(s) of the article(s)


Use websites and print media (give sources and dates for print media) to discuss the following topic:

Airlines – you may discuss the following but are not limited to these topics: current economics of the airlines, what they are doing to survive and thrive this year, routings, frequent flyer programs, compare two airline websites, etc.

Remember to receive the full possible points you need to make subtantial comments on at least two other postings by classmates as well as post your posting with at least one website or print media cited.

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