article response 29

please read the article in the attachment and answer the worksheet

Worksheet on Caspers, et. al. Article

  1. What is disorganized attachment? (from prior information)
  2. What relationship has been found between the long variant of the dopamine D4 receptor gene and infant disorganized attachment?
  3. What has been proposed as a mechanism for intergenerational transmission of disorganized attachment?
  4. In adults, what name is used to mean “disorganized attachment”?
  5. The participants in this study were part of a large adoption study. Adoptees were classified as probandif what?
  6. Skipping to the discussion section…………. The authors of the article propose that unresolved attachment is indicative of what?
  7. The authors state “Impaired interconnectivity [between the ventral and medial prefrontal cortexes of the brain] may result in a reduced ability to effectively regulate heightened emotion and ultimately interfere with active monitoring of speech.” What does this statement mean?

They were classified as comparisonif what?

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