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Use Four of These Article to Construct a Three Page Report
Message me the 4 you want to write the paper on and I will send the PDF.

Peer revision is a part of the overall grade and process of writing. This paper will be also be need extended to 6 pages, so be sure to do a good job.

This means you can write a page per day and make the length requirement for the assignment which is also a part of the midterm grade. I have also included articles for you to use in the construction of this paper. You must refer to at least four of these articles in you first draft  and at least six of them within your midterm paper.I am interested in knowing your opinions on black representations in the media, black masculinity, and the complexities of blackness to other racial communities.

Thus, your paper should have a working thesis, direct and indirect quotes from the article, and an explanation of why this research is important. Papers must follow the MLA guidelines. Peer Reviews should use the template given and follow the guidelines given by the facilitate comments worksheet in Canvas. If you are not automatically assigned someone to peer review please email me and I will give you someone’s paper to review.

1.Brotherly Love Homosociality and Black Masculinity in Gangsta Rap Music


3.From New Black Realism to Tyler Perry The Characterizations of Black Masculinity in Tyler Perry’s Romantic Storylines

4.Queering Masculinity-1


6.Black Males and HBCUs

7.Redefining Masculinity

8.Queering Masculinity

9.Still Looking for My Jonathan Gay Black Men s Management of Religious and Sexual Identity Conflicts

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