assignment 15

Go back and look over your Monster Anticipation Guide from Lesson 01. You had many preconceived notions about monsters before you even started this learning path. Hopefully, after reading the literary works in this unit, as well as reflecting on the behaviors of characters within these works, some of your perceptions about them have changed. Pick one of the quotations or statements that you agreed or disagreed with in the beginning that you now feel differently about. For this assessment, you are going to write about why your perception has changed. You will need to support your ideas with examples from the works you have read throughout this learning path. Be sure your reflection includes the following:

  1. a copy of the statement on which you are reflecting
  2. why you felt the way you did originally
  3. how/why is your perception different now
  4. support for your response from at least two of the literary pieces you read in this learning path
  5. a response should be at least two paragraphs long; a solid paragraph is at least five sentences in length


lesson one


Below are 10 quotations or statements about monsters. Your task for this assessment is to carefully consider each statement and decide whether or not you agree with it. Please copy the following quotations/statements and paste them into a new word processing document. Beside each one, type “Agree” if you agree with it or “Disagree” if you do not agree with it. Save the document to your efolio so you can submit it for a later assessment in this learning path.

Monster Anticipation Guide

  1. “Ignorance breeds monsters.” ~ Horace Mann
  2. Monsters only exist in legends and fables from times long ago.
  3. Monsters can be more human than humankind.
  4. Humans will always have more power than monsters.
  5. If you create a monster, it will eventually destroy you.
  6. “Everyone carries around his own monsters.” ~ Richard Pryor
  7. The monsters within us are far worse than the monsters of the world.
  8. “Adversity makes men, and prosperity makes monsters.” ~ Victor Hugo
  9. “There are very few monsters that warrant the fear we have in them.” ~ André Gide
  10. “Battle not with monsters lest you become one.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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