assignment leadership book update

In Week 1, you selected and obtained a book from the list provided by your instructor. (The Leadership Lessons of the U.S Navy Seals). Your final assignment is to read the book in its entirety and create an oral presentation on the book to share with your classmates during Week 6. Your task for this week is to spend time reading your book. In addition, by the end of the week, you will need to provide to your instructor a brief “Reading Week Update” as to your reading progress on your selected book.

This “Reading Week Update” is not a formal paper so you do not need to use APA formatting on this submission. A few paragraphs in a Word document will suffice: i.e. How far are you with your reading? Do you like the book? Are you able to make initial connections to our course material? Are you surprised by the content? Disappointed? And so on. The content is up to you – your instructor is just seeking an update.

Remember, much of your oral presentation grade in Week 6 will depend on how well you describe and explain the material in your own words and, even more important, how the book can be tied to the material we’ve covered thus far in our course. You presentation must include at least two direct comparisons between your book and articles from our Course Pack.