Assignment Paper 2 Texts:Turkle, S. (2007).

Assignment Paper 2

Texts:Turkle, S. (2007). The secret power of things we

hold dear. New Scientist , 194 (2607), 50-52.

Accawi, A. (2004). Plastic. Sewanee Review , 112 (4), 529-540.

In his essay, Anwar Accawi looks at the consequences of using plastic and tin in a society that adopts these materials for the first time. In the process, he mentions a number of objects that are made of natural materials and then are replaced by plastic objects. We can also see the use the villagers make of empty cans as well as the development of a new need for garbage containers. The question is: How does their society change due to the presence of plastic and tin?

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In your second paper, re-consider Turkle’s argument about the objects-to-think-with and apply it to plastic and the other objects Accawi talks about. Of course, you need to clarify Turkle’s concept before you apply it to Accawi’s case and compare it with the cases she speaks about. Extend the concept from the individual object-to-think-with to the cultural/social objects society thinks with.

In order to prepare the paper, read the texts carefully and locate the passages that are relevant to the assignment. By focusing on these passages and working to analyze and interpret them, you will be able to generate ideas for your paper. Make sure the paper does not turn into a simple comparison of the two texts. You may need to make comparisons, but they should address the details rather than the whole and should be leading to a point. Feel free to use relevant personal experiences as well, but do not forget to compare them to the ones described by the authors and analyze them in the same way you do the text.