Assume That Jillian Black Has A Sole Income From Halcyon Ltd In Which She Owns 1

Assume that Jillian Black has a sole income from Halcyon Ltd in which she owns 10% of the ordinary share capital.

In its financial year 2016-17 just ended, Halcyon Ltd reported net profits after tax of $800,000, and announced its net profits after tax expectation for the next financial year, 2017-18, to be 20% higher than this year’s figure. The company operates with a dividend payout ratio of 80%, which it plans to continue, and will pay the annual dividend for 2016-17 in mid-January, 2018, and the dividend for 2017-18 in mid-January, 2019.

In mid-January, 2019, Jillian wishes to spend $100,000, which will include the cost of new furniture. How much can she consume in mid-January, 2018 if the capital market offers an interest rate of 8% per year?

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