Augmentative short story analysis with one outside source and annotated bibliography (Example)

Augmentative short story analysis with one outside source and annotated bibliography (Example)

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Hills Like Elephants Student’s Name University Affiliation Date Hills Like White Elephants is a story by that discusses the conversation of girl and an American man that seem to be in their teens and they sit in the shade as they wait at a railway station in Spain to head to Madrid. As they wait to continue to wait they decide to have alcohol for a drink. They’re conversation while having the drink is quite tensed and they seem to disagree on something. This paper therefore seeks to analyze the story in the way the author used symbolism in the text the setting of the story the tone of the text the conclusion of the text and the way the author’s life influenced the writing of text. The author starts with the emphasis on the setting’s oppressive nature and this is depicted in the story when the couple goes that the couples go through and complicates the manner in which their argument comes to an end in the text. The text has an open ending. The reader does not understand whether the lady has given in to the man’s idea of procuring an abortion but there are hints that the lady is resistant and maintains her ground of keeping the pregnancy and she is ready to end the relationship without the man. This can be seen in the manner the lady stops the man while talking and it is likely suggesting that she has gained strength and with a decision made up. The man has successfully used logic in persuading the girl to consider the abortion idea while the girl believes she will believe their relationship would change even if she keeps the pregnancy. The author has therefore left the readers without a clear decision she has made. []

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Hello, are you up for this! If you feel you are not up to this could you get back to me as soon as possible, please? The Short story is: Ernest Hemingway, “Hills Like White Elephants,” It can be found online but I also attached a pdf. Deadline is Saturday 03/24/18 afternoon. The prompt follows>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>This week you will be writing your second essay, Essay 2, on a short story. You will need to find at least one secondary source for your analysis of a short story for Essay 2. This source must be found from one of the literary databases (Academic Search Complete, JSTOR, or Project Muse). While valid sources can be found elsewhere, this assignment has a requirement that you use one of the above three databases. You will need to submit an annotated bibliography for the source you expect to use in your analysis. This will consist of a citation for the source, a summary of the source, a statement about how it will help your analysis, and a statement of why this source should be considered a valid, credible source.

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