Australian landscape (Example)

Australian landscape (Example)

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Literature: Name: Institutional Affiliation Australian Land Scape. Murray’s poetry in “This Country is my mind” brings out clearly the natural features of the Australian land. He describes the beautiful land with its curves from up down. The beautiful hills that go beyond the horizon bring the beauty of the land so close to the beholder. The beauty of the hills does not just end there in the hills there are many beautiful bares and deer’s living amongst each other in harmony. The animals create the beauty of peace. The eagles on those hills have built their nests just below the summit. The field where hay has been cut lies beautifully with its division of the paddocks making a scene out of the plain fields. The beauty of the Italian land cannot of writing in the same way was protected and conserved to the point that every piece of writing that did not follow the traditional way of writing was highly discouraged. Literature in Australia was ancient and needed to evolve in as much as the people there wanted to keep their language and culture untouched. The beauty of anything is to improve it while considering the past but appreciating the future. Australian literatu8re had a future notwithstanding the critics from colonial writers. Language just like culture and landscape has its beauty. Reference. Steele K. (2010). Fear and loathing in the Australian bush: Gothic landscapes in Bush Studies and Picnic at Hanging Rock. Colloquy: text theory critique  20 33-56. Weir J. K. (2009). Murray River country: an ecological dialogue with traditional owners. Aboriginal Studies Press. []

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Write a brief summary of each article highlighting its main argument (approx. 300-400 words for each article) then write a brief account of how the two essays you have chosen contribute to an understanding of this topic more broadly within Australian literary studies.

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