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From ongoing assignment   Milestone 4 For this assignment, you will submit an initial draft of your Methods and Results sections. Now that you have completed your data collection, it is important to revise your methods section so that it accurately reflects the methods that were actually used in your study. In your Results section, […]


Then, FOR THE ARTICLE YOU CHOOSE TO WRITE ON, you will type a 1000-1500 word response in which you address EACH of the following four questions  IN YOUR OWN WORDS : 1) What is the author’s main argument? 2) How does he support his main argument (evidence, ancillary arguments, etc.)? 3) Do you agree or disagree with […]


This assignment requires 2-3 pages in response to the two case vignettes below.  For these cases you will identify the ethical and/or legal issues involved. Specify the ethical codes that pertain to it. List three possible courses of action that might be taken to resolve the issue, describe your decision-making process and describe which option […]

short psychology paper due monday

Follow the link at the end for the “positive psychology” video. If you have questions or cant access, i will log back in tomorrow to sign a handshake and answer any questions. but for the rest of the weekend i will be unreachable.   Watch the “Positive Psychology” video located in this week’s Electronic Reserve readings. […]

PCN-445 Week 4 Collaborative Learning Community, Half of Us

This is a CLC assignment. Your instructor will assign you to a CLC group. Megan Video Individually, view “Megan,” located on the Half of Us website Megan Brittany Snow Video Individually, view “Brittany Snow,” located on the Half of Us website Brittany Snow In a group essay of 1,000-2,000 words, address the following: What did […]

-300words only…5 hours from now

 APA3 sources…not older than year 2000no plagiarism or work done before for other students300words only…5 hours from now.. In this journal, you will think critically about locating and evaluating research. This journal is a place for you to plan how you will evaluate different theories in personality psychology. As you begin to concentrate on a […]


Managing Classroom Challenges In every learning environment, instructors are faced with a multitude of challenges regardless of the age of the students. Students may be disengaged in the lesson, come unprepared, or even disrupt the instructional setting. Think of a particular situation and one instructional strategy that you could use to improve student learning and […]

Positive Psychology Applied to Institutions

Write a 4–6-page assessment in which you apply principles of positive psychology to a setting of your choice. Note: You are strongly encouraged to complete the assessments in this course in the sequence in which they are presented. You will need to complete Assessments 1–3 before beginning Assessment 4.Suggested Resources The following optional resources are provided […]


Short paper (3-4 pages) based on Case study 9 After reading Case Study 9, answer the questions put forth by the Editor of Case Studies  How would you have handled this case? What would you have done differently? See if you can identify choice points What are you reasons for preferring different interventions (although you […]