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complete short crime assignment

Getting Tough on Crime How have public demands to “get tough on crime” changed the sentencing process over the last several decades? Do you believe these measures were effective? Why or why not? The total length of your paper should be a minimum of 3 full pages in length Use APA style for general formatting, […]

adjusted trial balance for restaurant

Part 1 Use Your Restaurant Journal Entries and General Ledger to create a trial balance report for the restaurant transactions you recorded in your last assignment titled Maintaining Accounting Records. Be sure that it balances! Part 2 After you’ve completed the trial balance report, pretend that your trial balance did not balance. Explain what steps […]

please write a paper analyzing the film using the concepts 2

Please write a paper analyzing the film using the concepts from Chapter 11 and 12 This is the film: https://www.vudu.com/content/movies/details/The-Ma… I’ve attached the question and I would like to solve it using text book as one and only resource Textbook name : Sociology the essentials 9th edition Please note that i’m an international student and […]

marketing videos analysis final paper 1

here are 20 course videos available for you to watch. Choose 2 videos to review. You may also include your own videos from YouTube if you prefer. Use care when selecting your videos. They should both represent a similar product, service or idea. Write a 2-3 page paper, including a summary, analysis and relation to […]

history of art from middle ages to modern time 3

Question 1: Monumental Architecture and Sculpture The cultures we studied this week produced architecture and monumental sculpture, in addition to smaller works of art. Locate three examples of architecture or monumental sculpture from three different cultures listed here: India, China, Japan, Korea, or the Pacific Cultures. First, completely identify each structure or sculpture you would […]