Basic Critical Thinking-3

Imagine that you have been employed at a new job for the past six months. Although you enjoy the challenge of your responsibilities and you are performing well, you find that you simply cannot complete all your work during office hours.

To keep up, you have to work late, take work home, and even occasionally work on weekends.  When you explain this to your employer, she says that although she is sorry that the job interferes with your personal life, it has to be done.  She suggests that you view these sacrifices as an investment in your future and that you should try to work more efficiently.  She reminds you that there are many people who would be happy to have your position.

Think critically about this real world situation and respond to all of the following prompts in the class discussion section of your online course:

  1. Describe the situation from your employer’s standpoint, identifying reasons that might support her views.
  2. Describe this situation from your standpoint.
  3. Describe different approaches that you and your employer might take to help resolve this situation.