Be Sure To Answer All Parts Comment On The Feasibility Of Extracting Copper From

Be sure to answer all parts. comment on the feasibility of extracting copper from its ore chalcocite (cu2s) by heating. cu2s(s) → 2cu(s) +s(s) it is favored at low temperature. it is favored at high temperatures. it is never favored as written. calculate δg o for the overall reaction if this process is coupled to the conversion of sulfur to sulfur dioxide at 77°c. use the table with formation constants to calculate your answer. kj/mol species δh o f (kj/mol) δs o (j/mol·k) s(s) 0 32.1 cu(s) 0 33 cu2s(s) −79.5 120.9 o2(g) 0 205.2 so2(g) −296.8 248.2