biology presentation 3

I have presentation ( PowerPoint) but I need like note for each slide because I am international student I need easy word to present in class . It’s only 8 min to present

Can you please also check my presentation and requirements because I want to get full marks please see the upload files

This is the instructions please check for everything if something wrong please edit .. check for everything


  • Why did you choose to explore this career?
    • How did you become aware of this career?
  • So, what do you DO?
    • Your answer should include how someone in this profession would explain the job to a person who knows nothing or very little about the field.
    • Include concrete examples of daily tasks, expectations, skills used, hours, and the general workplace environment.
  • What are the job qualifications?
    • What educational background, work experiences, and skills will help someone break into this field?
    • What about personal qualities? How do your self-assessment results relate to this career?
      • Who would be a good fit (or not a good fit) for this career in relation to the MBTI, YouScience, Values, and/or Skills assessments?
  • Who did you interview (include biographical info) and what format did you use?
    • What did they say that made you not/want to pursue the career?
  • What is the most intriguing piece of information that you learned? (either from your informational interview or research)
  • What’s changed and changing?
    • How has this field changed or evolved in the last 10-15 years, AND how do experts anticipate it will change in the next 5-10 years?
      • Make sure you thoroughly research this piece – don’t rely solely on what your interviewee said – and provide concrete descriptions of how the field is/will be impacted.Some common themes could be: Tech?Government Policy? Globalization?Other cultural/social factors?

HANDOUT (10 points):

Create a one-page handout (one for each of your classmates) to share during your presentation that includes the following data (this information does not need to be covered in detail in your oral presentation):

  • How’s the pay? What is the career ladder for jobs in this field and what are the salary ranges associated with each type of job?
  • Where are the jobs (and how’s the market)? Where are jobs in this field located (both geographically and within what types of organizations), and what is the demand for them in the current economy (according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook (BLS) or other reputable sources)? For example, public relations specialist positions are most abundant in NYC, DC, LA, Dallas and Houston. The field is expected to grow 6% (average) through 2024.
  • What are some similar occupations and how are they similar?
  • Job search strategies and resources
    • What are some online resources someone might visit to learn more about the occupation?
    • What are some job search strategies someone might use in this field?
      • Are their particularly helpful online sites? Professional organizations? People at Loyola with whom they can speak?Clubs they can join?


Your presentation will be graded on creativity, professionalism, presentation style and timing. (15 points) Please see the attached presentation rubric for grading criteria.

  • A/V presentations (PPT, Prezi, etc.) are encouraged, but just reading them aloud to the class will not earn you full credit, nor will it earn you creativity points by just having one.You should dress the part and, to whatever degree possible, include charts, pictures, etc. You may also bring props, samples, etc. if it seems appropriate.
  • Refer to the class lecture on Developing a Professional Presence; Giving an Effective Presentation for guidelines and expectations for delivering your presentation.
  • As a reminder, the presentation should be approximately 8 minutes in length There is a good chance you’ll be cut off if you exceed eight minutes.
  • On the day of your presentation, please arrive to class 5 minutes early to load your presentation.

BIBLIOGRAPHY (25 points):

Your research for the presentation must include a minimum of five sources. You must submit on Sakai a bibliography with a minimum of four (4) different sources of information
in addition to the informational interview (minimum 5 sources total).

  • One source must be an informational interview. Please visit this website for information on how to cite a personal communication:
  • Of the remaining 4 sources, at least one must be a print publication. Online versions of articles printed in scholarly journals are acceptable (think: GoogleScholars searches); Wikipedia is not. Print resources can be found in your local library. If you are having difficulty finding sources, ask us! Please visit this site for general information on how to cite sources:

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