book review cosmopolitanism

Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers

– Each student will review Kwame Appiah’s Cosmopolitanism (2007) in its entirety, take detailed notes on the text, and consult reviews of the book, before preparing a book review of at least 2000 words. The book review should not summarize the key arguments of the text; rather, it should grapple with one of the central questions explored in this course: “to what extent does Cosmopolitanism (2007) offer an effective and responsible way of managing cultural difference?”

In preparing this review, students will be expected to:

(1) Prepare detailed notes on the text,

(2) Refer to at least one text from each of the previous units (units 1-3), so as to demonstrate that they have considered whether Appiah’s conception of the self seems sensible(unit 1), whether Appiah’s model is well-suited to the modern age / whether the cosmopolitan ideal can be realized under conditions of modernity(unit 2), and whether conversation across boundaries offers adequate protection for marginalized and oppressed individuals(unit 3),

(3) Consider alternatives to cosmopolitanism, such as nationalism (unit 3) or multiculturalism (unit 4), and

(4) Meet with the Associate Instructor after completing a draft, in order to discuss writing strengths and areas for improvement, and to develop an editing strategy.

A rough draft of at least 2000 words is due two weeks before the deadline. See the grading rubric for assessment criteria.

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