book review quot christianity and law an introduction quot by john witte jr and frank alexander

You will need to have access to the book “Christianity and Law: An Introduction” by John Witte, Jr. and Frank Alexander

Section 1 – Student’s Review – The book review (consisting of approximately two pages) contains:

  1. Introduction – An introduction includes the title of the book, information about the author and book, and the author’s purpose, thesis and style.
  2. Content – A description of the basic contents of the book.
  3. Evaluation – A critical view of the author’s accomplishment with regard to his or her purpose, its relevance in the field, and a recommendation as to how the book could best be used by other churches.

Section 2 – Student’s Response – An integrative response to the book reviewed (consisting of approximately two pages, one for each of the following two parts) contains:

  1. Most Helpful Emphasis – The student highlights what he or she learned by explaining one or two of the author’s most helpful emphases as they pertain to his or her personal experience.
  2. Application – The student presents his or her action plan for integration by stating how he or she will specifically and actively integrate these one or two emphases into his or her personal experience.

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