Breach of Contract Law Case study

chapter 4.


As we discuss ethics this week, we will consider one area of being ethical is fulfilling an important role in a group assignment so that each member of the group can count on the others to do their best work and think through how this might work. To do this, first read through the group roles as described in the Word document in the learning module. Your first post should identify which group role (s) (up to two) you generally feel most comfortable assuming and describe why that is. Your second or follow up post will then respond to another’s choice. You will begin like this – since you are most comfortable assuming the _____________ role (whatever they listed), you will need help with the ___________ role (pick one that will work well in connection with the role described in the original post) and I can work in that role by doing ______________ – this may not be the role you are most comfortable in but could assume if needed. The description of what you could do should show some thought and must be more than one sentence.

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Please complete Problems 1 and 2 and Research assignment 1 (involving Dell’s annual report) and post your answers in the dropbox.


Please work together as a group to write a single paper that answers all of the questions at the beginning of the attached document based on your reading in the document and in the textbook. It should flow together as one paper and not like a question and answer interview. Do not forget to give citations for any references you make to other sources not included in our class materials or in the reading.