brief one of the three recent supreme court cases attached to this assignment 1

2. Brief ONE of the three recent Supreme Court cases attached to this assignment. While each of the cases are long, please don’t submit a case brief longer than three pages. Use the same format you used for last week’s assignment. Before briefing one of the three Supreme Court cases attached, please take a look at the handouts posted in the “Case Brief” forum.

Case briefs are used to highlight the key information contained within a case for use within the legal community as court cases can be quite lengthy. When writing case briefs, please remember to cite properly. Make sure you are not copying and pasting from your source. While a case brief requires you to identify the parts of a case, you should not solely cut and paste from the case. Note: The purpose of case briefing is to highlight and summarize key information, merely copying and pasting from the case does not accomplish this goal. You must summarize the facts in your own words, using quotations sparingly. And, please do not submit a paper that you found on the internet as your own.

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Remember to proofread your work! Additionally, don’t forget to submit it as a .doc or .docx document and submit it for grading.

Good luck.