Briefly describe protectionism and give one argument for and one argument against it (from the US perspective)

  1. Visit theWorld Trade Organization – Official Site and then briefly describe the World Trade Organization (WTO) and its purpose. (
  1. Briefly describe protectionism and give one argument for and one argument against it (from the US perspective)
  1. List and discuss the five situational influences that affect the consumer purchase decision process.
  1. In designing the advertising for a soft drink, which would you find more helpful: information about consumer demographics or consumer lifestyles?Give examples of how you would use each type of information.
  1. According to Tony Wainwright, President of the Bloom Companies, “Perception is reality.” How does perception affect consumer buying? Think about a very good or very bad experience you have had with a product. Discuss how the experience shaped your beliefs about the product, the purchasing process, or shopping in stores. How long do you think these beliefs will last? What could change these beliefs?
  1. List and discuss the major types of business buying situations.  Identify which of the major types of buying situations are represented by the following: (a) Chrysler’s purchase of computers that go in cars and adjust engine performance to changing driving conditions, (b) Volkswagen’s purchase of spark plugs for its line of vans, and (c) Honda’s purchase of light bulbs for a new Acura model?
  1. Watch the video “Did YouKnow 2016” and comment on the role of technology and globalization on marketing in the 21st century.