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Functions of Electronic Commerce Software
Please respond to the following:

  • All e-Commerce software must provide a catalog display, shopping cart capabilities, and transaction processing. The convenience of these three functions is an obvious benefit to the customer. Based on your research in the e-Activity, compare and rate the ease of use of the catalog display and shopping cart function of each Website visited.
  • Explain why the basic functions of e-Commerce software are not enough for larger companies and how the advanced functions overcome these limitations.

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1-I went to three different websites Amazon.com, Aeropostale.com, and Walmart.com. Each site that I went to I compared the catalog display and shopping cart function. Each site that I went to was easy to maneuver through the catalog. In each site that I went to the different departments of men, women, clothing, sports etc were broken down making it easier to find exactly what I needed. When ready to check out it I found it to quite simple via all of the sites when pressing checkout all of my items that I had selected were there for purchase. I didn’t find one to be better than the other and felt that each site had done a good job at putting together a stress free shopping experience online.

The basic functions of e-commerce are not enough for larger companies because they are larger companies and larger companies have more product to display and more advanced functions. The advanced functions are better for larger companies because they will need different software and will require more maintinence. Larger companies because of their needs seem to require a higher level of strategic approach


2-When deciding to include E-Commerce into an internet site, the primary step is deciding what style of hosting you would like. One necessary factor to keep in mind is that the net hosting you decide on has to permit room to grow along with your company.

The next step is to settle on the correct software system. The software system you decide on should match the scale and wants/needs of your company, which include the software system that provides: a catalog show, pushcart capabilities, and group action process. The larger the company, the more advanced the software system has to be.

Your catalog may be static (simple HTML) or dynamic (using an info and a lot of advanced codes, like PHP, with options like search engines and body “backdoors” to permit anyone the simplest way to vary the catalog.

A pushcart provides a really easy method for the buyer to pick and procure their things while not filling out a protracted kind whereas having to recollect item numbers or descriptions. A customers cart may be kept until the next visit, which makes it abundant easier for the buyer to manage.

After the cart is full, the group action process software system kicks in and permits the buyer to securely procure their items. Most corporations have units already running most of those systems, and want the e-commerce software system to integrate them inside the web site. The companies will use EDI connections to attach everything.

A better choice for smaller corporations is to use a service provider’s shared or dedicated hosting service rather than building an in-house server.




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