business comm direct claim letter

you are the owner of south bay designs.  you recently completed a living toom remodel that included double glazed, made to order french oak doors.  you ordered them by telephone on april 14 from capitol lumber and hardware.


when the doors arrived on may 18, your carpenter gave you bad news: the doors were cut too small. came in at 11’4″ instead of 11’8″


you wait 5 wks for these doors and your clients want them installed immediately.  the carpentet can redo the the opening for an extra $376


you want the people at capitol lumber to reimburse you for the expense and you decide to write them with a copy of the carpenters bill.  you wonder if you should also enclose a copy of the original capitol lumber invoice since ti shows the exact door measurements.  you have been a customer of theirs many times.


assignmetn- write a claim letter to sal rodriguez, the sales manager of capitol lumber and hardware, 3568 pacific coast highway, redondo beach, ca 90256


format for modified block business letter

skimmability factors

proffessional, courteous tone


opening, body, closing


include rough draft and final.

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