business integrated strategy and policy

Your assignment is to propose a strategy that will increase sales in a changing global market

Instructions: FORMAT

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1. You are the new Manager of Business Operations at Midwest Sports.

2. The CEO has asked you to write a one-page summary of a strategic plan that you have for increasing sales. This is not a letter or a memo. It is a one-page report.

3. Single-space the paragraphs, and double space between paragraphs.

4. Pronouns: Write this in first person plural (we/our) when referring to Midwest Sports. You are part of this company and are presenting your report to the CEO and the key decision-makers.

5. You do not need to use outside sources, but should discuss competition, production costs, and the effects of current trends in nationalism and global marketing.

6. You must use your own words, although you can use facts from the report.

7. Please use some simple words to complete the writing. I am an international student!!

-More details in the files!