Business Law Research – Internet Fraud

Visit the National Fraud Information Center at and the Internet Crime Complaint Center at Use these sites to research information on “Internet Fraud” and “Internet Fraud Statistics”. Use Microsoft Word to create 1-2 page essay that responds to the following:

Why do you think Internet fraud has resulted in many new business laws and regulations? Do you feel that there are differences between face-to-face business law and Internet business law? Why or why not?

Compare the statistics reported in the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)’s annual reports.  Pick the most current set of statistics available and compare them to the statistics from five years earlier.  How do they compare? Discuss why you feel there is such a difference. How have the Internet scams changed over the years? Do you see a trend in any area of Internet fraud? What would you suggest to assist with these problems? How might business laws, which are already in place, play a role in controlling fraud on the Internet?


APA Format with APA references