Business Letter Assignment

I do not care which option you choose

business letter assignment

This is the prompt of the business letter. It still is connecting back to my previous essays. I want my letter to be written to selena gomez because shes the worlds most influential people especially to young adults. 1 page long

This is a letter I wrote quickly. Its not the best lol but an example of why I want to write to her for the topic of impact social media has on teens mental health.

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Dear Ms. Gomez,

I am writing this letter to talk to you about how dangerous Instagram is to young adults. As you are instagram’s most influential people not only to the world but to young adults as well. They look up to you each day as an idol and someone that is confident within themselves. With that being said I’m eager to share with you a possible campaign for young adults that can help them be more confident within themselves.

One of the biggest concerns among users of Instagram is the negativity it can bring to them. They start to compare themselves to others as well as spend too many hours on the application. We can tackle this issue by reaching to the young adult and proving to them that life isn’t always as perfect as it seems. You are a perfect example especially after everything you have gone through with your health these last few years. I believe it is important to reach out to these kids to get them to lower their standards on influencers and focus on better things in life such as an education, and their family.

As someone who cares deeply for the health of others, you understand the importance mental health. With instagrams platform growing even more we need to reach out to them in a sense of comfort. They need to focus on what’s more important in life rather than a materialistic life that other Instagram influencers may portray as perfect.

If you have any questions or concerns about the campaign, please reach out to me at

The prompt:(only needs to be 1 page)

One of the most common documents written outside of school is the business letter, which may be a paper document or may be sent as an email.Your assignment has three parts.

The first is to identify a specific living person who is in a position to bring about a specific change that moves toward the position for which you argued in your report.They may be business owners or executives who can affect changes in their business that will affect employees or customers, politicians who can work towards enacting legislation that will affect the lives of citizens, or members of professional groups that can support change affecting the lives of professionals and the people affected by this work.You should write a short paragraph that explains why you have selected this particular person; that paragraph will be the starting point for a discussion board.

The second part of the assignment is to do some research on this person.This research should gather information that is relevant to the topic on which you will be writing.You may want to consider the goals of the organization or institution for which the person works; any pertinent actions that the organization has recently taken in regards to that position or their current posture to that topic; any statements that the person has made in the past about this topic or about similar topics.If personal details about the individual seem relevant, you may want to include them as well, but remember that this is not simply generic research on the person’s life.You should do a short write-up of your findings with a line or two on why each seems something you can use.This, again, will be part of a discussion board this week.

The third part of the assignment is the actual business letter, which will be given the separate grade indicated on the syllabus.This letter should ask the individual you have researched to take a specific action that moves toward the position for which you argued in your report.The letter should follow the format of the samples.Successful letters will create an argument that is intended specifically to persuade this particular individual, focusing on providing her or him with motivation for making these changes rather than on your own reasons for supporting this action.