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Harvard School of Business Social Experiments Discussion

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Harold Garfinkel established ethnomethodology in the mid-1960s as a way to understand the social norms that exist, but are generally taken for granted. The social experiments used in ethnomethodology are called “breaching experiments”. They aren’t simply pranks played on others but attempts to interrupt the social order in an effort to understand how people make sense of their social world and what actions are appropriate. Unlike traditional experiments, these don’t take place in a lab or controlled environment, but in casual, everyday “fields” or social spaces like libraries, classrooms, elevators, sidewalks, homes, hospitals, etc. For this discussion, you will conduct your own breaching experiment. If you aren’t sure which social norm you want to study, check out this list… (Links to an external site.) for ideas. You will need to post before you can see your peers’ contributions.

for your prompt POST (click the reply button below), conduct a field experiment on norms in our society by (safely) breaking a commonly held social norm, such as standing too close to someone while speaking or facing a direction other than the elevator door. Do NOT break laws or harm any people, places, or things, please! Use both people you know and strangers as subjects. Share your experiment and observations. How was this similar to a classic experimental design? Different? How did the type of subject(s) (i.e. friends or strangers) affect the outcome? Can this type of experiment be conducted in a more formal lab setting? How or why not? Write about 10-11 sentences paragraphs