business strategy delate unhealthy thing and find a new way of marketing

This is a recommendation for coca-cola company 。you need follow his idea to continue analyze as a company manger what specific thing you need to do to improve your company(like Which components should be removed? How does the production process change? What kind of marketing plan should be changed? How will these changes lead to good development of the company? Will the purpose of the company change?How long will this improvement take? What are the operational obstacles? What do we need to assume? how these recommendations improve the company’s competitive position.

In your essay you must follow go through this requirememt .

o Must be plausibly implemented within a reasonable timeframe.

o Include a timeline for implementation and specific criteria for defining


o Clearly identify key assumptions and potential obstacles.

he mentions delate unhealthy thing and find a new way of marketing

you can use other company‘s strategy please make sure don’t write new recommendation just follow the recommendation i gave

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